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Vapor Blasting

What is Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting is a process that uses a liquid slurry mixture containing water plus an abrasive. The abrasive is usually glass beads but can also be aluminum oxide for more aggressive rust & coating removal. For most motorcycle & automotive parts refinishing operation glass beads are used. This gives a super clean fine finish, aluminum parts look fresh out of the die-caster, and steel parts come out looking fantastic as well. Vapor blasting can remove rust from chrome without dulling it and will not remove chrome that is still tightly bound to the base material. If your chrome is already flaking or has deep pitting it may be removed by vapor blasting service and we are not responsible for any damage to such chrome. You can also vapor blast gasket mating surfaces without damage because the process cleans the part without altering it’s dimensions.

fixed rate service pictured below






We have discovered that giving a fixed price per piece is not really possible and would lead to us either losing money or cutting corners to meet the price point. In the world of restoration such practice is unacceptable. our vapor blasting service is done at the rate of $100.00 USD per hour. There is a 15 minute minimum ($25.00)  to start & then billing is to the nearest 15 minute increment after that (rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour). Please remember that all parts to be vapor blasted need to be oil & grease free with gaskets and silicon parts removed, if not we will de-grease them ourselves and bill you for the time. An oil and grease free engine is a $100 flat rate (pictured above).

Please send an email with pictures of the parts you wish to have blasted to or click here to get in contact with us. Please include shipping address as well. 

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